Advanced Drama


Prerequisite: One year of Creative Drama, one year Intermediate Drama and Audition

Credit: 5 unitsper semester

Format: 1 year alt. block

Level of Difficulty: CP


This class is a school-community acting troupe that allows student performers an opportunity to refine acting skills by rehearsing and performing for various audiences. Upon selection of performance material, the student states in writing how he or she intends to participate. He or she may specify such areas as acting, directing, play writing, set designing and other forms of technical theatre. Much of the work is done individually, but the student is ultimately responsible for contributing to the collective effort of the troupe. The student interested in acting or directing works with groups to prepare scenes, one-act plays and full length productions for community presentation. If he is working on an individual project, the student meets periodically with the teacher to discuss and evaluate his progress. Where appropriate, the student of the technical theatre or of playwriting works with directors and actors. Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:


1. Demonstrate specific skills in his area of theatrical interest according to his present level of skill.

2. Participate with the group toward a common goal.

3. Set his own goals and activities, and evaluate him or herself.


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