Technical Theater 


Prerequisite: Teacher Approval

Credit: Variable

Format: Variable

Level of Difficulty: NC


This course is designed to provide knowledge of the basic aspects of technical theater production. Students will study the theory of scenery design, and basic use and design of theatrical lighting and sound equipment. Skills will be taught in the areas of proper use of tools, safety, hand drafting and stage makeup. In addition to those skills students will learn the basics of scenic painting and scenery construction. Students will gain a strong vocabulary for the theater and theater equipment. Students will study different genres of theatre and how design can establish those genres on stage. Performance and rehearsals outside the regular hours of a school day are an integral co-curricular part of the course, and participation in them is required for a successful completion of the course.


Upon completion of this course the students will be able to:

1. design simple sets

2. analyze a dramatic text for cultural, historical, and symbolic clues

3. select or design simple stage and hand properties based on cultural and historical research

4. place and operate stage lights

5. select music and sound effects based on an artistic and historical understanding of a theatrical text

6. use make-up to create a specific character using techniques in highlighting, old-age, gore, and fantasy

7. construct sets and set props for plays, concerts, and special events in the theatre

8. demonstrate an understanding of theater history, etiquette and vocabulary

9. critique designs by themselves, their peers, and professional productions both orally and in a one-page, typed critique.



1. written tests

2. peer and self-evaluations both written and oral

3. teacher evaluations based on a given rubric


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