Cappies 2017-2018

Why Join Cappies?

Cappies is an incredibly enriching program that anyone can benefit from no matter what your goals are. By going to see productions at other schools you will improve not only as a performer but as a writer through the reviews you will write afterwards. Additionally you will meet many other cappies students with unique ideas and perspectives that will help you grow as a person. Being part of the cappies team is also like being part of another small family, as they are very close.

The Cappies Gala

At the end of the year all the work that cappies have put in culminates at the gala where awards are given, and performances happen. Additionally all cappies are brought on stage and recognized for their work throughout the season. Awards are given to schools for their performances including irvine, but they are also given to individual cappies and cappies teams for excellence in their reviews and discussion. It is our hope to have a strong cappies team and to receive many nominations and awards this year for our productions and cappies team.

Meet Your Lead Critics and Mentor!

Every Cappies team has a mentor that helps guide the cappies team and improve their reviews. Each team also has one or two lead critics that are students who help lead the team and teach new cappies how things work. They also help to guide the conversations in cappies rooms post show.

Cappies Mentor

Mrs. Matthews

We are fortunate enough to have Mrs. Matthews returning as our cappies mentor for our second year. She would like to share that...

Lead Critic


Kaz Shade


This is Kaz's second year as a cappie and he is incredibly excited to welcome new members to the cappies family. He wants to continue the close knit relationship that the cappies group has while improving upon our level of competetiveness with other cappies teams.



Lead Critic


Florence Lee


Florence is also going to be in her second year of cappies, and she is...


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