Fall Play-Brighton Beach Memoirs       Nov. 17-19, 2016

Set in the Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn, New York in September 1937 during The Great Depression, this coming-of-age comedy focuses on Eugene Morris Jerome, a Polish-Jewish American teenager who experiences puberty, and a search for identity as he tries to deal with his family, including his older brother Stanley, his parents Kate and Jack, Kate's sister Blanche, and her two daughters, Nora and Laurie, who come to live there after their father's death.


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April 26 - 29, 2017


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Why Theater? Why Theater?

Why Theater?

Theatre is a science, Theatre is mathematical, Theatre is a foreign language, Theatre is history, Theatre is physical education…

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OC Cappies

A team of three to nine members are taught theatre critisism and view a series of performances from various schools in their area. Cappies strengthens the education and appreciation for high school theatre.

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